The Science and The Facts

Anti-Microbial Coating Protects Most Surfaces

Silver Lining Solutions is an anti-microbial coating that provides protection to a wide range of surfaces, fabrics and materials.

Our patented Silver Ion Process prevents bacteria from growing on surfaces where hygiene and odour can become a problem.

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-viral
  • anti-mold
  • anti-odor

Permanent Protection

Using Microbonds' Proprietary Silver Ion Technology, this highly-engineered liquid metal provides a permanent transparent barrier that prevents bacteria and other pathogens from bonding with surfaces that they come in contact with.

This provides long-lasting prevention of bacterial growth over multiple washing and cleaning cycles - usually for the life of the sprayed fabric.

Easy To Apply

Our proprietary spray formula provides an easy-to-apply anti-microbial that can be applied by anyone.

Developed From Proven Technology

Silver Lining Solutions was developed from Microbonds insulated bonding wire technology for the semiconductor packaging and microchip industries.

Microbond's X-Wire™ Technology enables the development of faster, smaller and cheaper microchips while improving manufacturing reliability.

As a pioneer and leader in the research, development and application of this techonlogy, Mircrobonds has developed a the Silver Lining Solutions® spray formula that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to prevent the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.

Silver Lining's Advantage


Silver Lining's Innovative Coating

Microbonds Image of Coated Material

Silver Lining Solutions' ultra-low concentration proprietary liquid formula allows for application to a wide range of surfaces.

How It Destroys Bacteria

Bacteria In Petrie Dish

When bacteria comes into contact with silver its ability to form the chemical bonds necessary for its survival is interrupted. The bacteria literally suffocates and can't evolve to become resistant to the silver ions.

Non-Toxic To Humans and Animals

Kitten and Dog

With a toxicity rating that is in the lowest category identified by the FDA (USA), Silver Lining Solutions binds strongly to applied surfaces and contains only parts per million concentration of ionized silver and does not pose any significant environmental issues.

Helps Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Image

Global threat to human health and safety stemming from the over use of antibiotics has caused the World Health Organization to identify antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest challenges facing mankind.

Reduces Environmental Burden of Repeated Cleaning Cycles

Sewer Pipes

Without an opportunity to grow, bacteria's presence in clothing and other fabrics will be greatly reduced - allowing for longer periods of time between cleaning cycles and less use of water and fewer cleaning chemicals going into the environment.

Clothing and Fabrics Last Longer


Consumers clothing that lasts much longer due to the less frequent cleaning and washing that shorten the life of clothing and other fabrics.