Stop Bacteria Before
It Becomes A Problem

Bacteria Can Be Stopped
Before It Begins

Bacteria requires a hospitable environment in order to grow. Our modern world provides endless opportunities for the spread of germs into a variety human environments where they create odor and disease.

Round The Clock Shield Against Pathogens

Silver Lining's proprietary anti-microbial liquid spray containing 99.99% pure ionized silver provides an effective, round-the-clock shield against the growth of invisible microbial bio-films and cultures.

Non-Toxic - Safe

Silver Lining is a non-toxic safe solution for human health and environmental exposure.

Independent testing verified that it is safe and provides a high level of protection from odour and disease-causing bacteria and other pathogens.

Silver Lining is the solution for dealing with Dangerous Germs

Applied to clothing it eliminates body odour in fabrics such as clothing, bedding, bath, rugs and furniture.

By killing germs that cause odour, fewer washing cycles are required to maintain fabric hygiene.

Silver Lining leaves an invisible coating that does not affect the colour of comfort of fabrics and is highly durable through multiple washing cycles.